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SEC vs. Ripple lawsuit — XRP update

📌 A short summary of events for those who aren’t so much into “legal-language”

Dear ACE-Trade users,

We have and will continue to follow the situation on the recent SEC filing against Ripple Labs Inc., which alleges that XRP is a security. ⚖️

Keep in mind that (for now) this affects only 🇺🇸 US customers — but we like to keep you inform from all relevant markets.

We will continue to look closely at the situation and if/when needed adapt accordingly.

Key questions and debates:
What is the future of XRP/Ripple and other cryptocurrencies?
What would happen to company if XRP were declared a security?
Speculations about the price of XRP over the next few months?

Source: Twitter

In case you have missed the debate and would like to get a quick overview — find bellow a listing of some “news-posts” we have gathered for you durring the past month and shared them in-app ACE.Trade under XRP-card — where we will continue to post relevant content also in the future.

Welcome to follow us and add your inputs and questions you might have.

31. 12. 2020

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

30. 12. 2020

29. 12. 2020

Source: Twitter

28. 12. 2020

Source: Twitter

25. 12. 2020

Source: Twitter

24. 12. 2020

Source: Twitter

23. 12. 2020

17. 12. 2020

22. 12. 2020

Image Source: Ripple

15. 12. 2020

Source: Twitter

30. 11. 2020




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Urska Saletinger

Urska Saletinger

Head of Corporate Communications @Abelium - Research and Development | CMO ACE.Trade

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