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[📌 Special announcement] ACEX, d.o.o. office is closed for personal visits

Our office is closed for personal visits, as we are working remotely due to the Coronavirus.

For health protection reasons and prevention of spreading the corona virus*, our office (ACEX, d.o.o., Leskoškova 9E, Ljubljana) is closed for personal visits from 16 March 2020 until further notice.

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All requests for scheduled meetings for personal identification will be postponed. Verification can still be done on-line with your digital certificate from your desktop computer.

The process is simple, just follow the steps provided to you through the mobile application ACE.Trade, with this additional extra step done in a safe browser and then return back in-app, to finalize it (as it will be also described in the confirmation mail, you will receive).

In case of technical problems or questions, our support desk (in-app or via mail: is more than willing to help you in any step you will encounter challenges.
Thank you for understanding.
Stay safe ❤

*You can follow the situation in Slovenia via official channels:




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Urska Saletinger

Urska Saletinger

Head of Corporate Communications @Abelium - Research and Development | CMO ACE.Trade

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