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We will support Flare Network’s Spark airdrop 🚀

Unlocking Value! ACE.Trade will be supporting Flare Network’s Spark airdrop.

Great news for all ACE.Trade customers that will hold XRP in their accounts, until the snapshot date, 12 December 2020 — they will receive an equal amount of Spark tokens! Also we have decided to support Flare Network’s Spark airdrop, announced here:

The distribution of tokens will be subject to the Flare Network mainnet launch and their procedures, not relative to our actions. Hence, it will take time for the tokens to be released and distributed to everyone eligible for the airdrop.

At the moment we are not yet considering implementing also a wallet/exchange support for the Spark tokens, but this might change in the future.
Withdrawals from ACE.Trade will be available in accordance to specific Spark airdrop release mechanisms. Also, keep in mind, that special withdrawal fees might occur. Please note that additional time might be needed for ACE.Trade to integrate with the mainnet and provide support for Spark withdrawals.

Two more friendly notices, worth keeping in mind:

  • XRP owners that want better control of the airdrop’s distribution process are advised to use alternative ways to be eligible for the airdrop, e.g. by transferring their XRP, before the snapshot date, to one of the wallets (e.g. Exodus, Ledger, Xumm, etc.) that are supporting the airdrop, see the list here:
  • Please note, that besides having XRP on snapshot date in one of the wallets supporting the airdrop, the wallet must also be configured properly, to be eligible to receive Spark tokens, see examples here: for more details.
Read the overview on Flare:

About the Flare Network

The Flare Network is a smart contract platform that aims to increase the usability of various digital assets by making it possible to use these digital assets in its smart contracts.

Flare will be based on the Avalanche protocol and will integrate the Ethereum Virtual Machine.
The resulting network aims to be scalable, safe and decentralized.

Flare White paper.

Want to know more information about Flare and Spark token?

In case of additional questions, return to our in-app chat or send us an e-mail (, we will be happy to help.

*Disclaimer: we are not affiliated with Flare (Flare Networks) and/or the Spark token and/or any of the wallet mentioned above.




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