Full Stack TO: January MeetUp

The January MeetUp for Full Stack TO was hosted by Achievers Tech.
The two talks of the evening are as follow:

Front-End Performance Quick Wins 
Performance is key to web applications, especially e-commerce ones. It’s said that for every second over 2 seconds conversion drops by 40%

In this talk James will walk you through some quick wins for your front-end performance to help you speed up your site and increase conversions!

About James 
James is a front-end web developer with Loblaw Digital the company behind Loblaws Click & Collect, Joe Fresh online, and Shoppers Beauty Boutique online. Previously he has worked with Indigo, Walmart, Cineplex, and the University of Waterloo. His experience in web development, and omni-channel experiences goes back 8 years and he loves to share and learn. James is also the Executive Director of Full Stack Toronto the non-profit bringing web developers together through intermediate and advanced education — commercial free.

Frameworks + Your Opinions = Skeleton projects

Projects consist of the code, the tools to make the code run, and the configuration. The tooling and configuration are often repeatable in 90% of your projects. When you craft a skeleton project it will let you get up and running on the right foot without spending time on problems you’ve already solved. Better yet, you can adopt a skeleton project by someone who’s already solved your problems for you (like putting in great tools for TDD or Continuous Delivery). You can expect a tour of what goes into a great skeleton, and what kinds of skeletons can be made for projects like a library or API SDK.

About Brian

Brian is a Senior Software Engineer at Achievers, and co-organizer of the Symfony2 Toronto meetup. He has contributed to open source projects such as Rumpkernel (a unikernel project) Symfony2 (a backend framework), various odds-and-ends, and documentation for number of other projects. Brian has spoken at FullStackTO, TrueNorthPHP, and a half-dozen meetups.

About the Event 
Full Stack TO bringing speakers in from around the world and Toronto to speak in a commercial free environment about intermediate and advanced web development topics, as well as cool fun Internet of Things.