Practice your knowledge about Data Science.

Vimarsh Karbhari
Oct 9 · 2 min read

Data Science is a very vast field. Various readers of the blog have asked for some basic quiz to practice their knowledge about Data Science. This week, we spent some time to build some questions to share it with the readers so they could test their knowledge. I am sharing fifteen questions as part of a tutorial today. If you have subscribed to the Acing AI Newsletter we will be sharing the answers there shortly.

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  1. A basic spam filter is a good example of?

A) Supervised Learning

B) Unsupervised Learning

C) Reinforcement Learning

D) Transfer Learning

2. To tune learning systems to adapt to changing data we can use?

A) Hyper-parameters

B) Learning Rate

C) Threshold

D) Activation Function

3. Data-set contains a lot of numerical values in text form. What should you do?

A) Keep them as text and perform analysis

B) Convert them to numbers

C) None

D) Both B and C depending the the data-set.

4. If you are asked to predict a value as a problem statement what basic model should you use?

A) Deep Learning

B) Transfer Learning

C) Regression

D) None of the above

5. Precision = ?

A) False Positive/True Positive + False Positive

B) True Positive/True Positive + False Positive

C) False Positive + True Positive/False Positive

D) None of the above

Reflecting on the Questions

These questions were created to test some of the basic data science knowledge. We will be sharing the answers on the newsletter below.

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Acing AI

Acing AI provides analysis of AI companies and ways to venture into them.

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Acing AI

Acing AI

Acing AI provides analysis of AI companies and ways to venture into them.

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