Great Data Science Company Blogs

List of popular company Data Science blogs

Some of the best technology companies showcase their innovation from time to time on their blogs. These blogs are a great source to read when you are preparing for company specific data science interviews. From a company perspective, the blogs help attract data professionals. In the last few years, companies are in a race to hire data talent and have started showcasing their data science technology and techniques by having separate data science/ machine learning or AI sections on their blogs.

  • Uber: Uber AI Labs has a fantastic set of articles which gives us a speak peak into the great work going on within Uber. Uber’s also gives building blocks about its coveted ML-as-a-service platform Michaelangelo. Uber has also open sourced many data engineering and data science frameworks and mentioned them on its blog.
  • Facebook: Facebook has been doing great work in computer vision and conversational AI. They have open sourced Pytorch which is increasingly cited in papers on ArXiv. Their blog also covers publications, experiments and techniques within Facebook which helps advance the data science field forward.
  • AirBnB AI & Machine Learning: Airbnb has one of the best AI and ML company blogs. They have done some amazing work using deep learning models on search, listing photos and a host of other things. Airbnb data scientists are split across teams which is detailed by Elena Grewal. It shows some of the best ways to think about building and managing teams within product companies.
  • Instacart Data Science | Instacart ML: Instacart handles 200 million plus grocery items on their platform. The blog showcases their data engineering prowess. It also shows some of the techniques they apply to critical business areas like delivery, cost prediction, real-time availability of grocery items and even some great data visualizations using their data.
  • OpenAI blog: OpenAI’s mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. OpenAI has some great papers and findings on their blog which are on the cutting edge of AI.
  • StitchFix: Stichfix is the most under rated data science blog for their data visualizations. Their algorithms tour is one of the best ways I have seen data scientists explain what their product does. Their blog (multi-threaded) does not have a separate section for data science but they cover the interesting things they do within Stitchfix.

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