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Vimarsh Karbhari
Aug 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Intel wants the entire world to be AI enabled as it knows that it will be one of the big players supplying the hardware to support it. It has an interesting foray into self driving cars by acquiring Mobileye for $15.3B. Mobileye supplies most of the automotive industry with its small, single-camera automotive vision system.

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Intel has also conducted two major AI acquisitions, Nervana and Movidius. Nervana is a deep learning processor while Movidius is geared toward neural networks on Windows systems. In addition to numerous acquisitions, Intel has also invested in several AI startups, along with Microsoft. Intel is also providing AI acceleration for Microsoft’s Bing search engine via its Arria FPGA processors. It also operates an AI residency program like Google and Facebook.

Interview Process

The interview process is like a standard software engineer hiring process. The process starts with a hiring manager phone screen. Phone screen consists of solving a problem via collabedit. The next is an onsite interview with the team. This interview consists of questions on software development, deep learning and other fundamentals of AI. The whole process takes approximately three weeks.

Important Reading

  1. Intel AI publications: AI publications
  2. Intel AI Learning Academy: AI Academy
  3. nGraph Deep Learning Compiler: nGraph Open Source Compiler
  4. Intel AI Github: Intel AI repo

AI/Data Science Related Questions

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  • Given two strings find the longest common sub-string
  • How will you generate a password of given length with uniform distribution of uppercase, lowercase, special character and numbers in it?
  • What is data normalization and why do we need it?
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Reflecting on the Questions

Intel AI revolves around developing software for chips which make AI more accessible. It is a unique opportunity in its own right. Considering many companies are moving in this direction, the knowledge of doing this kind of work will surely be in high demand. The questions contain sets of programming questions as well as fundamental questions on algorithms and AI terms. Intel AI surely tests you hard for programming. A good amount of programming practice along with AI knowledge can surely land you a job with one of the world’s biggest chip manufacturers.

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Acing AI

Acing AI provides analysis of AI companies and ways to venture into them.