Oracle Data Science Interview Questions

Oracle did US$40 billion total GAAP revenue in FY 2018.

Larry Ellison co-founded Oracle Corporation in 1977 with Bob Miner and Ed Oates. Oracle is a household name in Databases since 1980’s. There are 5 million registered members in the Oracle Developer Community. In every vertical, Oracle has the top companies in the domain as their customers. More than 6.3 million students are supported annually in 128 countries by Oracle. Oracle acquired, whose platform centralizes data science tools, projects and infrastructure in a fully-governed workspace to jump start their data science practice. A company that has been building databases and investing heavily in Data Science is one of the most underrated places for Data Scientist to work at. It is a great way to start your Data Science career.

Interview Process

The interview process starts with the phone screen interview about my resume, technical questions about machine learning and finally some coding questions. Onsite interview is a standard data science interview with the team talking about ML Algorithms, techniques and focuses on delivering the story with the data.

Important Reading
Source: Oracle Data Miner
AI/Data Science Related Questions
  • What is random forest? Is random walk stationary or not, why?
  • Which technique would you use to solve a time series problem?
  • How can you cut a pie into pieces with three cuts?
  • How would you describe random forest to an older person?
  • Describe logistic regression.
  • What are the assumptions of linear regression?
  • Considering a 2-dimension matrix that can only be traversed by 1 adjacent position at a time and never diagonally. Create an algorithm to traverse that matrix from its upper-left corner to its lower-right corner using the shortest possible path in the most efficient way.
  • Two people are each stuck on their own island, connected by a ferryman with a lockable box. Each person has their own lock and key, but can’t send the key along with the box. One person wants to send the other a diamond, but it must be placed into the box and locked or it will be stolen by the ferryman. How do you send the diamond without the ferryman stealing it?
Reflecting on the Questions

Oracle is a huge player in the Data Science solutions space with its huge array of existing customers who use their database and their acquisition of Their interviews are based around coding, ML and telling the story through data. Inept storytelling capability around data can surely land you a job at one of the world’s largest database companies.

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