Wanna join the club?

Read before you apply!

Who are we?

ACI Student. is the Social Media Club which seeks to promote the accomplishments of the students and alumni of the ACI family, as well as the many events that take place at ACI using the most widely used current social networks.

Expectation of Students

  1. Writing for ACI Student
    The majority of the articles published on ACI Student’s homepage are authored by students. Writers are always encouraged to submit content related to the many things related to the school community as well as the current events which might be interesting for our students.
  2. Posting on the School’s Social Media Accounts
    ​Students are also able to use the school’s social media accounts such as ACI Student’s Instagram, Snapchat, and Vimeo in order to reach out to online communities. Also, students are responsible for creating high quality content for these accounts.
  3. Video Production
    Students are responsible for preparing, recording and editing videos for special events at school.

These might be helpful if you want to become a member:

  1. Are you aware of the current events on social media?
  2. Are you interested in either film, tv series, or music?
  3. Are you willing to come up with new ideas / open to new ideas?
  4. Are you interested in marketing, advertisement, public relations, media management?
  5. Are you willing to take the lead?

Anyone who is interested in becoming part of the ACI Student. fill out the form below.

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