A Peek into the Future: Exploring Virtual and Augmented Reality at Academic City

In the last few years, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) systems, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), have become popular in business and consumer spaces. As businesses such as Amazon adopt VR and AR technologies to improve their ability to engage customers to build long-lasting and profitable relationships, there is the need for educators in STEM to begin exposing and preparing university students to know how to make good use of such tools.

Academic City was honored to host Chelsey Roebuck, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Emerging Leaders in Technology and Engineering (ELITE), based in New York, to conduct a VR and AR workshop at the ACity campus, to introduce students to the potential of such technologies.

The workshop led students to create and code their own VR environments, using the latest innovative tools. Students also had the opportunity to explore AR implementation through fun activities using their personal phones and computers, as well as learning how to code AR environments on their own.

Chelsey Roebuck was named in Forbes Magazine’s ‘30 Under 30’ in 2016, was honored alongside President Barack Obama as the recipient of the Evelyn Kamen Rising Star Award in 2017 and received the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship in 2013. Chelsey, a mechanical engineering himself from Columbia University, New York, has successfully brought practical and cost-efficient science and engineering learning to over 12,000 students across underserved communities globally, including in the USA, Ghana, Tanzania, Mexico, and Jamaica, of which more than 700 students were in Ghana. He has also secured partnerships with organizations such as Google, Facebook and the City of New York through which he continues to directly impact more students globally.

The Academic City team looks forward to hosting more of such exciting workshops to expose students to the various aspects of technology that will help local communities to participate and remain competitive globally.

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