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ACity Hosts Webinar on How Entrepreneurs Take Advantage of COVID-19

The Faculty of Business, Entrepreneurship & Communication Arts of Academic City University College, Ghana has hosted a webinar on the theme “Re-imagining entrepreneurship and doing business amid COVID-19”. The webinar forms part of the university’s industry engagement initiative dubbed ‘Business Matters | Insight 360’.

The virtual event which was moderated by Dr Linda Deigh, Dean of Faculty of Business, Entrepreneurship & Communication Arts, had a deep discussion on creative and innovative approaches entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe have adopted to ease the effects of the novel COVID-19 on their businesses. It brought together entrepreneurs, professionals from diverse fields, academics, media, students among other stakeholders from across the world.

In his opening remarks, President of Academic City University College, Prof. Fred McBagonluri, bemoaned the lack of urgency to rewrite the African story emphasizing the role of corruption and poor leadership. Prof. McBagonluri echoed the university’s commitment to create an ecosystem to groom students into creative and innovative problem-solving professionals and leaders who will reimagine and reinvent the African narrative in future.

On the panel for the very interactive and insightful webinar were Venessa Afonja, Founder and Director of VA Property Consultants (UK), Dr Derek Ofori, CEO of Zutron Pharmaceuticals Limited (Ghana), Isaac Inkumsah, CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Origo Software Inc (USA), and Kamalika Bhattacharya, Co-founder and CEO of QuoDeck Technologies Pvt Ltd (India).

Listen to the presentations of the panelists in the video below

“Business Matters Insight 360” is a university-wide forum which explores the intersection of trends, facts and analyses that drives new ideas, thinking and the dynamics that bring to life an industry from a holistic perspective.



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