Learning Through Direct Exposure — The Academic City Way

As part of Academic City’s effort to prepare students to understand and develop innovative solutions to complex problems in society, it is critical that students are given the opportunity to go into the field to learn for themselves. This is key to the campus’ focus on promoting explorative and experiential learning to prepare students to understand and apply concepts practically in solving complex problems. This past month, some members of faculty organized field trips for students in different programs to explore various industries to understand how organizations function and to identify some of the key problems that they face.

Promasidor Ghana Limited

Promasidor is a food and beverage giant that distributes affordable food and beverage products of superior quality across Africa. It is a company that aims to provide nutritional, quality food across the continent while demonstrating excellent standards of corporate governance and social responsibility. Led by Engineering Faculty, Mr. Julian Bennett, Academic City’s students visited the company to interact with the workers to gain a better understanding of the company’s operations.

Julian Bennett, Engineering Faculty, interacts with some students at the plant

“The purpose of the visit was to give students an overview of what happens in a typical manufacturing plant,” Mr. Bennett said. Students visited the various departments that make up the company and were challenged to ask questions to help them to understand the different roles each department played in achieving the goals of the larger company.

Employees of Promasidor walk students through their daily activities

Students also had the chance to explore different types of technology used to perform the functions of the company. “Students got to learn about how fundamental mechanisms we had discussed in class showed up in different types of machines the plant had as well as how different aspects of engineering came together to implement the process line,” Mr. Bennett said. This experience will prepare students to appreciate, identify, and create innovative methods of improving the operations of similar organizations.

Vista 2000 Limited

Students interact with employees at Vista 2000 to learn about their operations

Vista 2000 Limited is a company committed to providing the highest quality paper products and is engaged in the importation and distribution of paper products across West Africa. The company also manufactures the Vistaline brand of school notebooks in Ghana.

For Business Administration Faculty, Mr. Ellis Asamani, the objective of the industrial visit to Vista 2000 was to provide students with an insight into the internal working of companies. “The visit was meant to help students to combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge as well as to open industrial realities to them,” Mr. Asamani said. “The visit was to also provide students with an opportunity to explore different internal sectors like IT, marketing, manufacturing, services, and finance,” he added.

As Mr. Asamani accurately stated, industrial visits play a major role in the development of students at Academic City college and included in the curriculum because at Academic City College, “we understand that theoretical knowledge is not enough for the successful understanding of the principles of innovation and entrepreneurship”. With an aim to go beyond academics, industrial visits provide students with a practical perspective of the workplace.

“The visit to Vista 2000 provided students with the opportunity to learn practically through interaction, the working methods and employment practices in a printing and industrial packaging company, and gave them the exposure to current work practices,” Mr. Asamani added.

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