On-Campus Reading Banquet

Nov 09, 2018

Reading is soon losing its prominence among the youth in a world that is rapidly evolving with alternative innovations and technologies. However, Academic City’s Communications Skills lecturer, Diana McBagonluri, is focused on re-igniting the passion for reading among our students, by making it more exciting while further developing their communication skills.

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“Reading skills is one of the five sections in the Communication Skills course [where] we discussed extensive and intensive reading, as well as reading strategies that would help students to plan and benefit from their reading”, said Ms McBagonluri. Thus, a ‘Reading Banquet’ was organized with different types of reading materials that allowed students to learn and practice varying reading techniques and strategies.

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Different reading stations were set up and categorized into magazines (e.g. Times, Forbes, The Economist, etc.), poems and short stories by popular authors, both local and foreign news articles, and children’s literature including fiction, non-fiction, and collections of Kids’ National Geographic, sourced externally.

Each student group spent forty minutes at each station, applying reading strategies from their lectures (scanning, skimming, active, detailed and speed reading, etc.), and recording the readings that captured their interest.

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“Our main objective was to get our students to use the reading strategies we discussed, see how much they could read within three hours, and see if using the strategies made any difference in their reading,” Ms McBagonluri explained.

“[The reading banquet] was very educating as we got to look at so many different types of reading materials including articles and even some kids’ storybooks that I have never read, giving me the opportunity to catch up with my past,” said Kelvin Owusu ’22. “The strategies we discussed have been useful in writing our final research paper for the semester,” he added.

Originally published at acity.edu.gh.

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