Brush Up On Your Rights with Our Free Pocket Constitution!

The ACLU has given out over seven million pocket Constitutions since the 1930’s. So we couldn’t be more excited that the 226-year-old classic is now a best-seller!

After Khizr Khan’s speech urging Donald Trump to read the Constitution, we gave away 100,000 ACLU pocket Constitutions — orders came in so fast that we ran out in just a few days. But we want to make sure that everyone has a copy this election season, so we’re giving away 100,000 more!

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Michael Moore helped us get the word out

Our handy pocket Constitution can travel with you anywhere, whether you’re going to school, the airport, or the voting booth. Copies of our pocket Constitution have even made an appearance at recent Donald Trump campaign rallies — good thing we included a special Know Your Rights section in the back!

Get your pocket Constitution t-shirt

Once you’ve gotten your free pocket Constitution, you can also order our new “I’ll Gladly Lend You Mine” t-shirt from the ACLU Store. Wear it with pride!

We sincerely hope that all of these copies in circulation are put to good use by everyday Americans and elected officials alike. This election season, keep it fresh, keep it smart, and definitely keep it constitutional.