Aclyd Secures Listing with Depository Network (DEPO)

The Aclyd Project, a payment processing platform and ID verification system initially focused on the $26 Billion wholesale alcohol market, has secured its listing within the Depository Network (DEPO), a venture aimed to resolve a major liquidity issue riddling the entire crypto-currency industry by bringing forward the missing link for lenders — the ability to use digital assets as collateral for loans.

The massive interest in the project is not surprising. The Depository Network brings forth substantial benefits for the participants through its innovative listing methodology via the Proof of Stake (PoS) listing rule. The Aclyd Project joins other marquee names in the industry such as: Cargocoin, Bravcoin , Dice money , Netscouters, Contractum, Moolyacoin, Dice money, TerawattLED, Krosscoin, Redcap and Dylyner.

According to the latter, projects which want to see their assets listed on the DEPO platform have to hold a specified amount of DEPO tokens during the time they are using the ecosystem.

Benefits for listed projects:

  • Lenders are capable of expanding their market cap by accepting blockchain assets that their competitors don’t.
  • Borrowers can enjoy substantially enhanced liquidity of their assets and retain their ownership throughout the lending period.
  • The blockchain-asset will become a part of a major ecosystem, hence enjoy an increased exposure among many other assets.

We at Aclyd feel truly honored and proud for taking this first step into what we believe will be a long history of collaboration between the two companies.