Media Titan Jane King Joins The Aclyd Project Advisory Team

To say the least, Jane King casts a large shadow with her weekly broadcast from the NASDAQ. Her accomplishments are far too numerous to list, and she has now joined The Aclyd Project’s team, bringing a media savvy element to a venture that is far from shy on talent.

“I‘m very excited to help tell the story of the Aclyd Project for several reasons. The payment processing marketing is growing, and using ID verification to keep alcohol delivery out of the hands of minors is a noble cause, especially with the growing popularity of door-to-door delivery among young people. Additionally, the project is female owned and operated; and the quality in the company is strong,” says Jane King, CEO at LilaMax Media.

Jane King has placed a wide foot print within the media world, and she has made a pathway where there was none. I only hope that my way forward mirrors her own. I will be heavily reliant upon her advise in terms of communications and the navigation of both the media and PR world, which is often underestimated in its importance,” says The Aclyd Project’s CEO Jessica Contreras.