The Aclyd Project Adds Experienced Business Development Executive to its Advisor Team

Nadine Kharitonova

Nadine Kharitonova joins the esteemed Aclyd Project’s advisory team, bringing her expertise in marketing, eCommerce, entertainment industry and business development, along with extensive hands-on experience managing several websites, people and start-up projects.

“I welcome Nadine as another strong woman within our sector who brings so much to the table, not just in terms of her skills — but her vast network — which I have learned in business that one’s network often translates into their net worth,” says The Aclyd Project CEO, Jessica Contreras.

“”I am excited to take on a role within this project because Aclyd continues to find innovative applications for the Blockchain, while others are still trying to define it. I am going to bring the full spectrum of my experience to the project, and enjoy being among the crypto Dream Team of advisors,” Says Nadine Kharitonova.

The Aclyd Project has been making a few headlines with the roll-out of its Blockchain- business listings index, and a partnership with Wine Noire, LLC. of Silicon Valley which brings wine sales to its payment-processing platform.