Two Women with Powerful Stories Come Together to Bring Blockchain Awareness to Minority Communities

Alicia Kid, CEO of The Wine Noire LLC. (Left) Jessica Contreras, CEO of The Aclyd Project (Right)

Finding one's own source of power is a life-changing event, and to find the ability to empower others is a generation changing catalyst that can only lead to a better world.

With this backdrop, into the picture walks Jessica Contreras, a Mexican American who describes her ethnicity in one phrase: “I am Mexican American — in that order.” She has overcome many challenges on her way towards success in starting her own tequila brand, and launching an international venture to provide a better payment system and ID verification method using Blockchain technology.

Then there is the story of Alicia Maria, an African American female from Oakland, California; she is an experienced corporate professional with a passion for wine who founded The Wine Noire in 2017. As a long time wine aficionado, her love for wine goes back 10 years. In the United States and internationally, Alicia discovered that women & people from all walks of life, produced amazing wines and champagne. She also identified the gap in the distribution/wholesale supply chain for wine and champagne makers of color. Out of this problem a solution was born which has come to be the mission statement for The Wine Noire, LLC.

The Aclyd and The Wine Noire partnership will provide wine & champagne makers a faster, efficient, and technologically advanced method using Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to give these wines and champagne a broader reach in the global marketplace.

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