Using Crypto To Buy Wine? Innovation & Revolution Are Often One in the Same!

Seven Sisters Wine Chosen by The Aclyd Project & Wine Noire to Launch a New Method of Payment.

Is innovation a more civilized form of revolution?

The story of Seven Brutus Sisters began in the city of Paternoster, a small fishing village on the Western Coast and 90 minutes from Cape Town South Africa. Circumstances saw the sisters leave the tranquility of their homeland. Twenty years later, they came together to create Seven Sisters wine collection. The wines, carefully selected to match the unique styles and personalities of each sister, celebrate their bond and devotion to one another, a fitting combination for the launch of a platform which will revolutionize the way that alcohol is purchased.

The Aclyd Project and Wine Noire of the San Francisco Bay Area, have decided on Seven Sisters wine collection as their first wine brand which will debut on their revolutionary platform that allows users to purchase wine using crypto, specifically the Aclyd token.

“The Wine Noire LLC has always favored the underdog, the producers that faced and overcame many challenges on their way to success. So it is no wonder that we have selected Seven Sisters wine collection as their debut product for this revolutionary platform launch,” says Alicia Maria, CEO of Wine Noire, LLC.