Wine Distribution Hits the Blockchain via The Aclyd Project’s Payment Platform

Source: Wine Noire LLC.

The Aclyd Project and Wine Noire of Silicon Valley Have Reached an Agreement to Distribute Wine Via Aclyd’s Crypto Payment System.

The Aclyd Project’s ambitious plan — to revamp how transactions related to the distribution of alcohol are handled — has taken a leap forward in the California market. In partnership with Wine Noire of Silicon Valley, Aclyd will now distribute a limited number of Wine Noire’s highly prized catalog via their Ethereum based payment platform.

“This represents a win-win: I was able to work with another strong woman in the alcohol space, who has a great following among minority-based buyers, which is a demographic that we would like to become more familiar with crypto and the benefits of peer-to-peer transactions. Working with our technology team at Red Beryl Technologies, we expect to have this payment option available in the next 30 days. That will be one of the first of its kind, I am both excited and awed by the speed at which this project is coming together,” says The Aclyd Project’s CEO, Jessica Contreras.

This step represents a crucial milestone for The Aclyd Project, only comparable perhaps with having reached the soft cap. A working product with real-life use cases is what the industry needs and very few projects in the crypto space can offer.