Aclyd Takes On A Powerful Technology Partner To Develop Its SBO/STO Platform

The Aclyd Project has solidified its technology partnership with Plaak LTD to develop its SBO/STO Platform and related Mobile Applications,

Jessica Contreras, CEO of The Aclyd Project

The Aclyd Project has led an ambitious effort towards making the industry compliant in terms of its securities filings, introduced the term SBO — Securitized Blockchain Offering — into a space which has previously relied upon such phrases as DSO (Digital Security Offering), and STO (Security Token Offering).

Headed up by Jessica Contreras, CEO, the Aclyd Project has structured various partnerships to handle not only the legal and compliance issues but offer insurance policies to protect accredited investors and a live trading floor access via a broker-dealer relationship. The final step seems to be technology, which Plaak appears to have a strong hand in filling that void with its innovative side-chain and Plaak core biometrics.

Chai Shepheard, CEO of Plaak, LTD.

“I have great confidence in Chai Shepherd and the Plaak Technology team. They are some of the most professional and proficient in the business. But it is their simple user experience that has always been a draw to me. I believe they will put the best technology together to give each user of our SBO/STO Platform and a great experience,” says CEO, Jessica Contreras.

“We’re proud to be building Aclyd’s SBO/STO Exchange platform, which is a step in the right direction for the industry and also for Plaak. Sharing common goals with The Aclyd Project makes it easier for us to collaborate ideas and bring forth forward-thinking results which will benefit both companies for the foreseeable future,” Says, Chai Shepherd CEO of Plaak.