SBO (Securitized Blockchain Offering)

An SBO (Securitized Blockchain Offering) is the structuring of a securities issuance using Blockchain technology as a means of recording ownership and related transaction history.

Is An SBO A Token Offering? No. It is a traditional securities offering requiring regulatory filings. The token or Blockchain technology instrument associated with this offering has no value outside of its asset and does not change the nature of the asset. Blockchain technology is simply a means by which that asset’s ownership is recorded, tracked, and maintained.

The Aclyd Project CEO, Jessica Contreras

History The term SBO was first used in 2019 by Jessica Contreras, CEO of The Aclyd Project, and IBAAQ(The International Blockchain Asset Automated Quote System). This phrase was created in order to clear up confusion caused by the usage of such terms as STO (Security Token Offering), DSO (Digital Security Offering) and others. The securitization of assets, revenue, and share issuance is nothing new, and using Blockchain technology as a means of tracking ownership does not change the nature of that securitization, it only changes the means by which ownership is recorded.