Recognition of Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion at CSCW 2018

Niloufar Salehi
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3 min readNov 1, 2018


We are excited to announce a new initiative at ACM CSCW 2018! We are celebrating five select conference papers for their efforts to serve under-represented or marginalized communities. With this initiative we hope to bring to light our research community’s effort as well as responsibility toward those often overlooked in the development and maintenance of technology. We will be celebrating these papers as well as hearing from a panel on this topic at the Diversity and Inclusion lunch, there is still time to register in the raffle.

Selecting just five papers proved to be a challenge, a challenge that made us proud of being part of such a socially conscious community. We have detailed our process at the end of this blog. But first, here are the selected papers:

Recognition of Contribution to Diversity and Inclusion

Care as a Resource in Underserved Learning Environments
Naveena Karusala & Aditya Vishwanath: Georgia Tech, Arkadeep Kumar: Georgia Tech, Aman Mangal: Zeotap GmbH, Neha Kumar: Georgia Tech
Session: LEARNING, Monday 4:30pm-6:00pm @ Harborside II

Social Photo-Elicitation: The Use of Communal Production of Meaning to Hear a Vulnerable Population
Aakash Gautam: Virginia Tech, Chandani Shrestha: Virginia Tech, Deborah Tatar: Virginia Tech, Steve Harrison: Virginia Tech
Session: FEMINIST PERSPECTIVES, Tuesday 9:00am-10:30am, @ Hudson I,II,III

Personal Informatics in Interpersonal Contexts: Towards the Design of Technology that Supports the Social Ecologies of Long-Term Mental Health Management
Elizabeth Murnane: Stanford University, Tara Walker: University of Colorado Boulder, Beck Tench: University of Washington, Stephen Voida: University of Colorado Boulder, Jaime Snyder: University of Washington
Session: SOCIAL SUPPORT AND CARE, Tuesday 9:00am-10:30am @ Liberty

Safe Spaces and Safe Places: Unpacking Technology-Mediated Experiences of Safety and Harm with Transgender People
Morgan Klaus Scheuerman: University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Stacy M Branham: University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Foad Hamidi: University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Session: FEMINIST PERSPECTIVES, Tuesday 9:00am-10:30am @ Hudson I,II,III

Digital Technologies and Intimate Partner Violence: A Qualitative Analysis with Multiple Stakeholders
Diana Freed: Cornell Tech, Jackeline Palmer: City College of New York, Diana Elizabeth Minchala: Hunter College, Karen EC Levy: Cornell University, Thomas Ristenpart: Cornell Tech, Nicola Dell: Cornell Tech
Session: FEMINIST PERSPECTIVES, Tuesday 9:00am-10:30am @ Hudson I,II,III

We deployed a rigorous process for selecting papers. First, reviewers nominated papers for the recognition. Reviewers nominated 23 papers in the online first, and 38 in the second round of reviews. Then the diversity and inclusion chairs reviewed the papers independently and nominated 10–15 each. We based this phase on the following criteria:

  • WHO: Does this paper serve an under-represented or marginalized group of people?
  • ETHICS: Are the authors considerate of the ethical implications of their work?
  • Potentially negative societal impacts: Are there any potentially harmful implications that would disqualify the paper? (Luckily we found none)

Finally we narrowed the selection to five papers while making an effort for those papers to be inclusive in terms of gender/age/disabilities. We congratulate the authors and look forward to seeing you at the diversity and inclusion lunch!

Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chairs
Niloufar Salehi (UC Berkeley)
Hilda Tellioglu (Vienna University of Technology)