The Impact of COVID-19 and Remote Work on Early Career Computing Professionals

Many things have changed over the few months, with many people switching to working from home. As FCA members, we wanted to know the impacts of this change on young computing professionals across all different aspects of their lives and how to take these findings to better the field of computing as whole, as mentioned in our previous blog post.

Below you will find links to individual posts outlining our findings from our survey. Keep checking back for more!

Mental Health

Supporting Remote Work

Privacy and Security

Impact on Workers


We are very grateful for everyone who completed our survey and helped us gather honest information about what they are experiencing while working from home.

Wellness Team, ACM Future of Computing Academy

Jessica Hair, Software Engineer, SmartFile,

Jaelle Scheuerman, ACM Future of Computing Academy,

Gürkan Solmaz, Senior Researcher, NEC Laboratories Europe

Pamela Wisniewski, Associate Professor, University of Central Florida,

Image Credit: “Working at home, coworking space, concept illustration” from Shutterstock by Marish




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Jessica Hair

Jessica Hair

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