How to make Catherine Scorsese’s Spaghetti and Meatballs

Ever wanted to cook like a goodfella?

In celebration of our Scorsese exhibition, we’ve put together this handy guide to make the spaghetti and meat balls Catherine Scorsese cooks the crew in Goodfellas.

When you’re disposing of a dead body, the best preparation you can do is having a full stomach (and a shovel). If you’re Tommy DeVito, you can get both of these things by stopping by your mother’s house.

In the film, Henry Hill, Jimmy Conway and Tommy stop by in the middle of the night only to be caught sneaking said shovel from the garage by Tommy’s mother, played by Scorsese’s own mother Catherine.

Like all good mothers, Mrs. Devito won’t let the boys go off to bury the ‘deer’ they’ve hit without serving up a quick meal. During the scene, Mrs. Devito serves up Catherine’s own recipe for spaghetti and meat balls, which is also used as a guide in the likewise iconic prison dinner scene.

Who wore it better: Paul Sorvino in Goodfellas or the ACMI Cafe & Bar head chef Arnel Quinoneza?

Of course, we can’t cook like Catherine Scorsese. Not yet anyway. But the head chef in our Cafe & Bar, Arnel Quinoneza sure can. While we supplied the cameras and studio, Quinoneza and the cafe staff supplied the ingredients, which included a particularly stubborn piece of liver (not in the receipe, just for cinematic flourishes).

Luckily, if you don’t have your own head chef (or Catherine Scorsese), Quinoneza helped us prove just how easy it is to make the Goodfellas recipe in the video below. And if you’re still a little overwhelmed, stop by the ACMI Cafe & Bar, where you can get the meal without getting our hands dirty.

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