# 51DaysOfDiggingDeeper

ACM VIT would like to introduce the challenge #51daysofdiggingdeeper.

The purpose of this challenge is to explore in depth topics we know but have never thoroughly looked up. Just as the name suggests, we will be digging deep into unexplored territory.

Points to remember for the challenge:

1) For every 3 days you will explore one topic of your choice.

2) Everyday you will allot minimum one hour to this exercise.

3) Explore the topic in ways you haven’t yet.

4) Take notes of everything you learn.

If you are really intrigued by what you learn, feel free to write an article about it and tag us using #51daysofdiggingdeeper and #acmvit. We will help you publish the article in our publication ACMVIT.

For details on how to submit your article refer our article on How To Write For Us (link here).

Even if you do not write an article, make a GitHub repository named 51-Days Of-Digging-Deeper and put the hashtag in the README file, where you keep updating your notes daily. This can be done for every folder in a your repository. Make sure your notes are detailed and readable.

Other participants of the challenge can look up your repository to read about what you have learned. This will be a peer to peer learning activity so make sure to take time out to check out repositories by other participants.

By the end of the challenge, you will have explored at least 17 different topics in depth. You will have successfully dug deeper. So let’s begin!

Here is a gist of the instructions: