Invite Change and the Magic will Flow

So how might we more readily embrace the inevitable forces of change? How do we best position ourselves to solve today’s challenges and address unmet needs? What underpins successful organizations?

The following 9 aspects of how an organization “thinks, be’s and does”, are to me key to embracing change, problem solving and unlocking growth. Many are obvious, though surprisingly are missed at times.

Ways of thinking
1. A clear organizational vision that brings purpose, is ambitious and also relatable.
2. A compelling, unique and ownable value proposition, that succinctly conveys the service, the challenge this solves for, beyond just the functional benefits, framed to the user group.
3. An organizational mindset and values set which invites curiosity, ignites creativity, demonstrates empathy, that is accepting of failure and celebrates the brave.

Ways of being
4. An organizational structure that minimizes silos, is both streamlined and realistic in it’s management layers. Where all organizational activities are linked by a nimble workflow system.
5. A connected organizational performance system, laddering-up to “ways of thinking” to naturally embedding into “ways of doing”, with consistency in metrics, evaluations and rewards.
6. Where organizational behavior is reinforced by a set of cultural codes, symbols and cues that embody the “ways of thinking”, which permeates across all channels and stakeholders.

Ways of doing
7. A liberating process that gives permission to explore and iterate viable solutions, balancing rigor and agility, eg. Kelley brothers and Tim Brown’s Design Thinking, Eric Ries’s Lean Startup.
8. Human centric, where listening, observational and participatory practices are common place, to understand needs, identify gaps, and co-create solutions to improve experiences.
9. A systems view to framing and solving challenges. Taking a wider ecosystem perspective and future lens, into impact planning, lifecycle analysis and risk management alike.

Take the magical world of The Walt Disney Company (TWDC). As they approach their 100th year they continue to entertain and inform, bringing happiness and opening-up imaginations. “Integrity, honesty, trust, respect, playing by the rules, and teamwork — these define not only the operating principles of our Company, but also the spirit of our diverse global workforce and how we function” per TWDC Standards of Business Conduct. Their unique way of thinking is translated consistently into their ways of being and doing. Where magic, smiles and mouse ear symbols resonate with cast members, employees, guests, audiences and other stakeholders alike.
One of their recent innovations, the MagicBand, feels like a natural build to their offering. Presumably guest experience pathways and systems analysis led to the new wearable which is a key, ticket, credit-card and reservation pass all-in-one, connected with the My Disney Experience site and app, to create a compelling seamless extended user experience. The guest value exchange in theory goes beyond basic utility, simplicity and ease, it is personalized, and adds to guest wellbeing eg. emotional, relational, learning.
And with the MagicBand data sets collected and actioned upon, we should expect this to have a notable impact on performance, from resource usage, to new revenue streams, and stronger stakeholder relationships.

Evolving the way we think, be and do, strengthens the foundation, gives more room for the organization to breath, readiness to embrace change, and space for the magic to flow. More aha’s, uncovering of hidden risks, playfulness, commitment, and more viable paths to unlock desired growth.

Let it shine!