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Leading executive recruiter Dave Carvajal shares the ingredients for effective leadership and high productivity even in the most challenging of times.

Dave Carvajal is the CEO of DavePartners, the top boutique executive search firm for high-growth technology companies in New York City, and a member of the Acquire advisory board. Dave fell into recruiting early on in his career, realized there was a lot he could learn from the experience, and never looked back. …

Tatyana Mamut, PhD Tech Innovator. Keynote Speaker. Growth Advisor.

An interview with renowned tech innovator Tatyana Mamut

Acquire advisory board member Tatyana Mamut has dedicated much of her career to developing high-impact technological solutions “in order to bend the trajectory of the future toward more desirable outcomes for humanity.” The anthropologist and product innovator, who previously led product development at Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, and NextDoor, and is now the senior vice president of new products at, is passionate about imagining what’s possible for our shared future, and then collaborating with others to turn those possibilities into reality.

Tatyana shared her thoughts with us recently about what can make a product successful, how businesses can be…

Tatyana Mamut, Benjamin Orthlieb, Dave Carvajal

The e-commerce start-up is partnering with renowned experts
to transform the online shopping experience

San Francisco, April 6, 2021 — E-commerce start-up Acquire App is pleased to announce the formation of an exceptional corporate advisory board, composed of notable experts in their fields from around the country. The company’s advisers include tech innovator Tatyana Mamut, senior vice president of new products at; …

When co-founders Florent Breton and Maxime Pruvost started Acquire, they considered the business needs they had encountered in their careers. Maxime, in particular, had worked in the commerce SaaS marketing field for ten years, partnering with thousands of brands in the US and Europe. He witnessed firsthand their struggles to create streamlined, appealing online storefronts.

So, he and Florent began Acquire by asking this question: What can we do to make life simpler for merchants and shoppers?

Nearly a year later, the start-up has launched a simple, frictionless checkout link that could revolutionize e-commerce. The process to get here wasn’t…

Venture-backed e-commerce startup Acquire App, Inc., announced that it has been selected for the business accelerator program of Plug and Play Brand & Retail Europe. The creator of the unforgettable checkout is one of eighteen companies chosen through a rigorous selection process of over 2,000 start-ups for Plug and Play Brand & Retail Europe’s tenth batch of participants. Acquire will be given access to an extensive network of investors, mentors, and potential clients, as well as other business development support.

“We are honored to be chosen for this excellent program,” said Acquire co-founder and CEO Florent Breton. “We see this…

For retailers, the new frontier of social commerce presents rich and varied possibilities for connecting with shoppers. Social media, targeted advertising, search engines, and other online platforms help businesses and customers find one another. Customers can be engaged through videos, images, search, emails, and many other forms of relevant content.

But, for all its potential, the current social commerce experience has one major problem: it’s still relying on the legacy tools of traditional e-commerce. The most polished social campaigns won’t work if they keep directing shoppers to clunky, confusing, disengaging online storefronts that haven’t moved far past the twentieth century…

The debate between online data collection v. user privacy has been raging for years. The rich trove of information that platforms like Google and Facebook collect about user activity makes possible the targeted advertising that generates revenue for them, and for the many businesses that work with them.

The intention was that users would benefit too, from a far more personalized web browsing experience. But as targeted advertising have become more prevalent and comprehensive, ad fatigue and privacy concerns have also grown. In 2019, the Pew Research Center found that 81% of Americans think the risks they face from data…

We have unquestionably entered the age of personalized digital marketing. The vast troves of personal information that tech giants like Google and Facebook collect about users — from shopping habits and hobbies to political leanings and favorite causes — are a gold mine for businesses who want their ads to appear before the exact right target market. Thanks to their efforts, the AI behind targeted ads is now accessible to every business, regardless of size.

There are hundreds of ways in which digital marketing can be targeted. Online ads can appear before users who fit certain demographics, like age, gender…

For online retailers, it’s the most critical moment in the shopping experience: the instant a customer selects “buy” and proceeds to pay. This is the moment when browsing converts into purchasing, which generates revenue, the lifeblood of any business.

No wonder, then, that dozens of financial solution providers have wanted to capitalize on that particular moment. They have flooded the marketplace with payment options and platforms, hoping to benefit from shoppers’ purchases.

A Patchwork of Payment Options

The end result is an e-commerce industry overrun with payment options. It can be hard for online retailers to decide which platform is…

When operating an online store, no function is more critical than the checkout process. This is where shoppers become buyers — or don’t, if the technology, security, and user experience aren’t up to par.

There’s no doubt that the technology required for online checkout is complicated. Merchants have to rely on dozens of tools to help with everything from calculating taxes and shipping rates to collecting payment and ensuring fraud protection.

Most of the time, each of these individual functions is run by a different third party. One company provides the account creation and management software; another tracks email list…

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