AcroEOS Disclosures & Ownership

Vote Buying

AcroEOS Will not buy votes and will not try to influence token holders unduly. We, as a block producer candidate, believe that it is the block producer’s duty to use block producer rewards as a resource to help the EOS ecosystem. Of course we will do our best to use the tokens wisely.
We think the best way to do this will be staking any surplus of our block production rewards to lend to dApp developers for free. We believe that helping dApps by providing opportunities has the most beneficial outcome for the EOS ecosystem.
We will report our usage of these resources transparently every quarter so that the EOS community can see how surpluses were spent.

Conflict of interest

AcroEOS expect team members to avoid any kind of interest that might conflict basic duty of block producer.

Collaboration within and with other block producers

As block producer we believe it is important to collaborative with other team members. As block producer our job is not only cooperating with fellow BPs, but also by monitoring them to protect EOS network and its value.

Ownership disclosures

Jurisdiction: Seoul, South Korea
Established: 2018.05.16
Primary purpose: Block producing, networking

Megablcok21 Co.,Ltd is wholly owned by ICB Co.,Ltd


EOS producer name : acroeos12345
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Wechat : AcroEOS