[EN/CN] AcroEOS Weekly Report( 2018.11.26~2018.12.02)

Last week, Dan was active online and said a few topics that caused widespread discussion in the community.
In order to ensure the security and stability of the eosio system, Dan shared and discussed various topics with the community.
上周Dan在网上抛出了几句话引起社区的议论纷纷。 为了保障eosio体系的安全和稳定,Dan与社区分享并讨论了各种话题。

EOS Mainnet Monitoring Weekly Report ( 2018.11.19~2018.11.25)

AcroEOS provides EOSBIXIN Mainnet monitoring weekly report in Korean.
AcroEOS 每周提供韩文翻译版EOSBIXIN主网监控周报。

According to the result of block missing last week, BP Cochain has the longest block missing time. This is 2 times longer than the second block missing node.

EOS Mainnet Monitoring Weekly Report ( 2018.11.19~2018.11.25)

devEOS X AcroEOS Blockchain Technical Training class

devEOS X AcroEOS 区块链开发实战培训

Last Wednesday, AcroEOS and devEOS hosted a blockchain technical training class. Although the course was held in the weekday, more than 40 developers who wanted to get started with EOS technology and were interested in the EOS system actively participated in the course.
Even the class was named technical training, the course was actually divided into three main parts: EOS business, basic EOS development, and DAPP development. The course not only included a lot of useful EOS information, but also collected some questions about EOS before the training, and conducted the time of Q&A .

We are planning to regularly organize various training classes that will have a positive effect on the EOS ecosystem.
We hope more and more EOS users can participate.

虽然活动命名为开发培训,但实际上课程分为三大部分:EOS 业务、基础EOS开发和DAPP开发。课程不仅包括很多EOS信息,而且还培训前收集了一些关于EOS的疑问,并进行了一一问答。


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