Reykjavik, You Left Me Breathless

My first impressions of Iceland were from arriving in Reykjavik as the winter sun rose slowly over the city and the mountains behind. In the washed out light of a February morning, the vast coldness of the place was truely stunning to me. Already, I knew I would be returning to Iceland again.

Sólfar, or Sun Voyager, is a gleaming steel sculpture facing out to sea on Reykjavík’s waterfront.

Although I had had no sleep on my overnight flight, it was all I could do to listen to my host’s explanation of the guesthouse workings before heading out into the sub-zero temperatures to explore the old harbour nearby as the sun added it’s early light to the day.

Whaling is still engaged in here, but not everybody local likes that fact, and there are many restaurants here that market themselves as whale friendly… as in, the don’t cook up and serve whale from their kitchens. Thank you, what friendly restaurants. A heartfelt thank you for that!

A bit like in Portland, Maine a week ago, I found some good examples of murals here, great industrial sized ones too, and like in Portland, black and white seemed to benefit hugely from the stark shades of grey surroundings.

Two days has not nearly been enough time to spend exploring here, I expect I’ll be back, to sail and explore. Thank you, Iceland.

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