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ACryptoS Community Contributors Rewards — March & April 2021

By @arehmanagha

For the months of March and April, ACryptoS continued to grow steadily in TVL and number of users. With an increasing number of platform users, there is also a need to offer more support on Telegram, and the ACryptoS community stepped in to make sure no question or query went unanswered. From Venus’ fee revisions to PancakeSwap upgrading all of their vaults to v2, there was a lot of activity within the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem over the recent past. ACryptoS is a community-driven project, spearheaded by some of the most talented developers and smart alpha-seekers in the Blockchain ecosystem.

Top Contributors for March & April

These contributors’ have helped support the community over the last 2 months in various ways such as providing support on Telegram, helping develop community support material, updating documentation, preparing marketing material, and overall playing a role in moving the project forward. These contributors will share a total reward of $30,000.

All the above contributors have played a key role in handling the influx of new users, and for creating exposure of the project.

Samurai of the Month: CryptoBKT

While all of our resident samurais have outdone themselves recently, CryptoBKT stands out because of his commendable achievements such as hosting the first ACryptoS presentation for the Chinese community, setting up a partnership with MDEX to host a ACS-BNB LP, and providing active marketing/media support.

How to become a Community Contributor

ACryptoS has attracted a community of talented individuals overtime who are all keen to help support/develop the project. At ACryptoS, we put our highest focus on the safety of our contracts, and hope to continue attracting like-minded people over time who want to to work towards a platform that offers the best yields through safe and audited contracts. If you’re interested in becoming a community contributor, all you have to do is drop by our Telegram, spend some time with our community and see if there is any way for you to help in the existing efforts of the community. We look forward to seeing more people on the community contributor list in the coming months!



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