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ACryptoS Farms V2 Migration Phase 1

ACryptoS Farms V2 brings an exciting new feature to the protocol, allowing ACS Vault holdings to be used to boost ACS rewards by up to 2.5X. It also addresses a long-standing user gripe and staking/unstaking now no longer automatically triggers a harvest (and harvest fee).

Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

Phase 0

The SFP-BNB Vault&Farm and LTC Vault&Farm were the first Vaults on Farms V2 to go live on 10 Feb 2021. We completed a successful audit with Hacken on 21 Feb 2021. We now have 15 Vaults on Farms V2 with more than $25M TVL.

Phase 1

We will migrate the UNFI-BNB Vault to Farms V2 from 5–8 Mar 2021 and harvest fees for Farms V1 will be removed for the duration of the migration.

~6AM UTC, 5 March 2021 — Migration begins, UNFI-BNB Farm weight will be re-distributed equally between V1 and V2.

~6AM UTC, 8 March 2021 — Migration ends, UNFI-BNB Farm weight will be shifted entirely to V2.

ACTION NEEDED: Users will be required to unstake their UNFI-BNB from Farms V1 and stake into Farms V2 before the end of the migration period in order to continue receiving ACS rewards, which they will be able to do within the app. Users do not need to withdraw from the UNFI-BNB Vault.

Phase 2+

We will repeat this process with the remaining Vaults. Timeline TBD.



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