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ACryptoS Farms V2 Migration Phase 2

Photo by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash

ACryptoS Farms V2 Migration Phase 1 completed successfully today and Phase 2 is now scheduled for 12–15 March 2021. This will include all remaining V1 ACS Farms.

~6AM UTC, 12 March 2021 — Migration begins, (non-V2) ACS Farms’ weights will be re-distributed equally between V1 and V2.

~6AM UTC, 15 March 2021 — Migration ends, ACS Farms’ weights will be shifted entirely to V2.

ACTION NEEDED: Users will be required to unstake their Vault tokens from Farms V1 and stake into Farms V2 during the migration period in order to continue receiving ACS rewards, which they will be able to do within the app. Users do not need to withdraw from the Vaults.

Please note:

  • Harvest fees for Farms V1 will be removed for the duration of the migration.
  • No action is needed before migration begins on 12 March.
  • This migration is for ACS Farms only, ACSI Farms V2 will be announced at a later TBD date.
  • ACS Vault is not a Farm and no action is needed there.
  • Your funds have not disappeared — follow the instructions at the top of the app showing how to migrate from V1 to V2, click on “unstake from V1” and you will see your funds in the V1 Farms. Or use this direct link:



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