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Introducing ACryptoS Vaults

We’ve been working on a new project called ACryptoS Vaults, which is essentially a Yearn clone on Binance Smart Chain combined with SushiSwap farming mechanics. The project is less than 2 weeks old, and we have been testing and improving it within our small telegram group. We now feel it’s ready to be shared a bit more widely.

We’ve currently got 7 Vaults farming on PancakeSwap where you can deposit CAKE or Cake LP tokens, and the Vault will farm and compound CAKE for you, automatically swapping the farmed CAKE for Cake LP tokens when necessary.

Depositing in the Vaults will also allow you to stake the Vault LP tokens in our Farms and farm our native token ACS. That means liquidity providers can earn both the yield from PancakeSwap, which is compounded in the Vault, and the ACS yield from our Farms.

By distributing ACS via our farms, we share a stake in the protocol with our liquidity providers. ACS can be staked in our ACS Vault to earn a share of rewards and fees.

Our tokenomics and fees are designed to encourage long term provision of liquidity and staking of ACS. ~23.254% of daily ACS emissions and almost all fees are used to buy back ACS and/or are distributed directly to ACS stakers in the ACS Vault. The fee structure does mean that short term stakers will most likely have a 0 or even slightly negative return, so do review our docs carefully before depositing, and there are links in the app showing the relevant fees as well.

We’re a brand new project and ACS is volatile and extremely inflationary at this stage. Do carefully review the Security & Risks section of our docs as well as DYOR before proceeding.

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ACryptoS is here to build a better, safer DeFi world. We want more users to know they can sleep soundly with their funds invested. Effective code, advanced strategies, better protocols — that’s how we manage user’s risks. Our 3 products: Yield Optimizer Vaults, StableSwap, AMM.

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