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Introducing Acsi.Finance — Balancer V2 on Binance Smart Chain

Built on the brand new Balancer V2 protocol, Acsi.Finance brings the first next-generation AMM to Binance Smart Chain.

Another AMM?

We are all familiar with the ubiquitous SushiSwap/Uniswap clones popping up every week on every EVM-compatible blockchain out there.

The Balancer protocol is a bit different — most distinctly, it allows for liquidity pools with up to 8 tokens, with varying weights (Uniswap only allows 2 tokens with 50–50 weight).

It also has a more abstracted architecture which allows for “smart” and “custom” pools which can even be designed and developed by others and plugged into the protocol.

The most flexible and efficient AMM

Balancer V2 brings many key improvements including more efficient gas fees, flash loans & swaps, and what I find most exciting — increased capital efficiency through Asset Managers which can generate additional yield for liquidity providers by investing the unutilized tokens (in Venus Protocol, for example).

Getting Started

We’ve created 2 pools to start:

ACryptoS Mega Cap (ACS3)
33% BNB / 33% ETH / 33% BTC

ACryptoS Core (A2B2)
30% ACS / 30% ACSI / 30% BNB / 10% BUSD

ACS3 is a low risk way for holders of the 3 mega cap coins to put their capital to work. A2B2 is incentivised to encourage liquidity for our native tokens ACS and ACSI.

Yield Farming with ACSI

We share a stake in the protocol with Acsi.Finance liquidity providers, distributing ACSI tokens via our farms. 50% of exchange fees are used to buy back and distribute ACSI to ACSI stakers via the ACSI Vault, while the remainder are earned by liquidity providers. Staking ACSI in our Governance Vault also allows you to boost your yield by 2.5X. Learn more about our tokenomics here.

Let’s go

Give Acsi.Finance a try, or read the docs to learn more.



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