Partnership: Kalata Protocol x ACryptoS

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2 min readOct 1, 2021


Decentralized finance is a fast growing space, and ACryptoS is partnering with leading and innovative DeFi projects to help them bring more liquidity, trading volume and exposure through our next-gen AMM ACSI.Finance. Our latest partnership is with Kalata Protocol, which is a synthetic asset trading platform on Binance Smart Chain.

Users will be able to trade any asset on the Kalata platform such as Stocks, Bulk Commodities, and other financial derivatives.

Dual Token Farming Rewards

Kalata Protocol has collaborated with ACryptoS to add a KALA-BNB-ACSI (40:40:20) LP on ACSI.Finance that will bring dual token farming rewards for users. The LP farm will give out $30K in KALA and $30K in ACSI over a period of 90 days. The APYs will be very attractive as the pool goes live, so don’t miss out!

In addition to the $30K in KALA for farming rewards on the KALA-BNB-ACSI LP, Kalata Protocol has also provided $10K in KALA for our Core Onsen pool (ACS-ACSI-BNB-BUSD) which will be farmed alongside other farm reward tokens currently being offered.

How To Take Part In KALA-BNB-ACSI?

Taking part in this new LP is a simple process:

  1. Make sure your wallet has KALA (40%), BNB (40%) and ACSI (20%) in the correct proportions (or close to it) *
  2. Go to ACSI.Finance and add liquidity to the KALA-BNB-ACSI to receive LP tokens
  3. Go to ACryptoS App, navigate to KALA-BNB-ACSI tab and stake your LP tokens

You will now be earning swap fees from this LP as well as dual token farming rewards that will accrue every block and can be harvested once you have over 0.06 ACSI in pending rewards.

* You will be able to take part by adding just one token to the LP as well, but you may have to face a loss due to price impact

How To Buy/Sell KALA on ACSI.Finance?

Once there is sufficient liquidity in the new LP, you will be able to swap KALA on ACSI.Finance by navigating to the exchange interface. You will be able to swap any cryptocurrency listed on ACSI.Finance for KALA tokens with the best swap fees.

Learn More About Kalata Protocol

Kalata is a synthetic asset trading platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which supports multiple blockchains. Users will be able to trade any asset on the Kalata platform such as Stocks, Bulk Commodities, and other financial derivatives.Kalata core team consists of people with vast experience and expertise in Financial Technologies, Blockchain Technologies, Stock Markets and Marketing.