Trendy on Chinese social media this week (Dec. 28, 2015-Jan. 3, 2016)

AllChinaTech brings you the four most talked-about topics this week on Weibo, one of China’s largest social media networks.

4. Don’t wear contact lenses in smoggy days
(3.26 million pageviews; 2,905 comments)

A recent test shows that there’s a higher risk for eye infections wearing contact lenses during smoggy days, China Central Television reports. Weibo users complain that wearing masks have already compromised their appearances. What if they can’t wear contact lenses? This really sucks.

3. Chinese translation of Stray Birds taken off shelves
(4.08 million pageviews; 603 comments )

One of the country’s renowned publishing agencies for literature and arts in south China’s Zhejiang province said that it will recall the newly translated Chinese version of Stray Birds from bookstores. This version was translated by accomplished Chinese poet Feng Tang. Some critics claim that Feng’s translation deviates too much from the original work by Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, and that he was too bold in translating sexual messages in the poem. However, Feng’s supporters claim this unshelving undermines readers’ freedom to choose.

2. Write greeting cards for yourselves
(9.8 million pageviews; 329,000 comments)

There are many ways to send one’s blessings for the new year — short messages, e-mails, telephone calls and so on, but the best way to reach out to your loved ones is through handwriting. Weibo users are writing down their blessings and new year’s resolutions on cards, taking pictures and posting them online.

1. Get ready for red envelopes
(12.5 billion pageviews; 58.7million comments)

From the end of December to mid-February, celebrities and big companies will send out red envelopes through social media networks. On the first day, the most generous company, smartphone maker Meizu, gave out RMB 600,000 (USD 100,000). Many more is expected on the second day as people welcome the new year. Weibo users can also use a red envelope calendar to keep them informed of new red pocket alerts.

All photos from Baidu Images; the number pageviews and comments was counted on Sunday.

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List curated by AllChinaTech’s guest writer Yang Lai.

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