4 Tools to Connect PostgreSQL to Google Sheets

Emma Butler
Jul 17 · 3 min read
PostgreSQL to Google Sheets

In search of a better way to visualize/ manage/ manipulate your data from PostgreSQL? Importing your data into Google Sheets is definitely the easiest and more efficient way to do this.

I’ve outlined my favorite 4 tools.


Zapier allows you to connect PostgreSQL to Google Sheets with a few zaps. The first step is downloading a .csv of PostgreSQL and importing that to Google Sheets since you cannot “dump” a database table using Zapier into Google Sheets. From there, you can create one zap to update Postgres when you insert a new row in Google Sheets, another to update your database when you update cells in Google Sheets, another to update Google Sheets when Postgres is updated and so forth.

Zapier is extremely easy to start using ASAP with no learning curve, but you can imagine making all of these zaps can be a bit tedious.


Actiondesk can push any of your data from PostgreSQL into Google Sheets. You can also schedule these pushes from your database to Google Sheets, so your data is always live. You could also do a one time “dump” of your database data into Google Sheets. This means whenever you have new columns in your database, they will be automatically pushed to Google Sheets, whereas with Zapier you’d have to modify your zap

After transforming/editing/manipulating your data in Google Sheets, Actiondesk allows you to push that data back into PostgreSQL whenever you choose.

With Actiondesk there’s an option to create a 2-way sync from PostgreSQL to Google Sheets. Whatever you change in Google Sheets is reflected in your database and vice-versa.

If you have someone on your team who doesn’t know SQL or has a hard time navigating your database, then this is a great option for you because your team can edit Google Sheets and it is reflected back in PostgreSQL, without your team ever having to go into the SQL database.

Actiondesk also integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, Stripe, GMail, Airtable and more so you can easily gather and control all your data from one place.

(By the way, I’m at least a bit biased since I work at Actiondesk :-) )


As a Google Sheets add-on, Kloud.io is very easy to set up. Kloud.io allows you to push data from your database and have it be outputted in your Google Sheets. It also has a 2-way data exchange so the data in Google Sheets and your database stay synced. This a great tool to use and in the reviews of Kloud.io Google Sheets add-ons it seems that one of the most popular use cases for Kloud.io is pushing data from PostgreSQL to Google Sheets. Customers in 2016 and 2017 say that they’ve had a lot of success with this particular integration thanks to great customer service.

Like Actiondesk, Kloud.io integrates with many applications to easily aggregate all your data in one place. So overall this seems like a great and easy to set up tool.


Blend.co replicates your data from PostgreSQL into Google Sheets. You can edit and transform it and push it back into PostgreSQL easily and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Blend.co’s specialty is taking data from different data sources and pushing it back into databases like PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server. However, you cannot push this data to any other CRMs or applications.


I hope one of these solutions helps to simplify your life with PostgreSQL and help make you and your team more efficient and productive. If you have any questions or if there’s a tool I didn’t mention comment below!

If you’re interested in Actiondesk as a solution for PostgreSQL to Google Sheets, click here!


We save business teams time by making it easy for them to build powerful automations using only their spreadsheets skills

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We save business teams time by making it easy for them to build powerful automations using only their spreadsheets skills

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