Black Models in New York Fashion Show vs. InStyle Magazine

I saw this report on Jezebel which reported an 8.08% rate of black models of the roughly 4,637 looks that went down myriad runways.

I then noticed a copy of the March 2014 InStyle magazine at a coffeehouse and yep, loads and loads of white women. I wanted to see if this magazine correlated with the numbers of the runway survey and, as an experiment, I counted any model or human image where it was obvious* of their gender and skin color. Ultimately this is a survey of black models vs. non-black models.

Much like the actual runway model survey, there were 78 black and 826 non-black women models within the 616 pages of this issue. Although this equates to black models being represented 8.6% of the images shown, slightly better than the runways, the number correlates.

This is interesting because I’m working on various snapshots of structural or institutional racism. To me this is an unscientific snapshot of the fashion world, who ironically is hosting a global fashion show of current looks and trends. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

My hope is that the fashion industry, especially when promoting their lines to the global marketplace, consider engaging a more diverse group of models that more accurately reflect the population of the world.

*Disclaimer: I’m a white US-American male, 50+ years old that never lived or attended a mixed neighborhood or school.

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