#howloveworks — Johnson & Johnson’s ‘Distinctly Dad’ campaign #fail

The underlying racial bigotry drum beats on…

I was surprised to find this five-minute #howloveworks ‘Distinctly Dad’ for a few reasons, especially including:

1. The white family (consisting of mom, dad and baby son) live in a nice house, lot of white furniture and decorations are giving son swimming lessons, sharing first-steps moments, going to the fair together, riding the merry-go-round… you know, like most white families do.

2. The (my guess) Asian family (consisting of mom, dad and three young daughters) are having a great time in car, playing at home with dad, playing in the park with the family, dad reminiscing about his high school basketball days and his dad, family singing karaoke at home, happy, dining together at home (notably not as nice as white families home), kids using chalk on sidewalk, mom sharing proudly about dad, dad getting tickled by kids, laughing… you know, like most Asian families do.

3. Then there’s the black family (consisting of a young-teen daughter and her apparent single-dad), who are homeless and dad says are sleeping in a motel or church, shown bedding in a tent, dad is present and nurturing and his kid is excelling in school regardless, dad takes her to community center after school for advanced classes. Dad gets an apartment just before Christmas and got all his furniture out of storage buys a Christmas tree and a photo montage of his daughter opening presents at Christmas scrolls by… you know, like most African-American families do.

Meanwhile, the entire thing is narrated by what turns out to be an older white man who is a Yale child psychologist. He’s authoritatively giving opinions on dads, women, kids — explaining along the way how things are and why… “fathers tend to play more with their children, even when they’re teaching“, “dads bring a different set of talent-skills and worries to parenting“. “I’ve noticed this sort of side-by-side, let’s do this together a little more commonly in the father-child relationship than the mother-child relationship, he’s often more of a ‘let’s go do this together’ because dads feel very committed to getting their children ready for the outside world“… you know, like most white psychologists do.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

What’s wrong with this picture?

See How Love Works, from the eyes of Johnson & Johnson

The Website: SeeHowLoveWorks.com
The website promoting the campaign uses this home page. Interesting how they portrayed the black family in black and white… with a couple white families to balance it out?

Guess Johnson & Johnson didn’t get the memo that America is about 30%+ Hispanic and 16% African-American? It must be because they’re really isolated at their New Jersey headquarters. Wonder what’s preventing them from getting out into the real world?



Distinctly Dad