Republish Our Content for Free

We encourage organizations to republish our content, free of charge. We don’t require much. For those who need to know the legal underpinnings of using our content, we make it available under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license. Here’s what we ask:

You must credit us as the original publisher, with a hyperlink to our site: If possible, please include the original author(s) and “ActionProject” or “” in the byline. If you’d like to explain more about who we are, please use: “This story was produced by ActionProject which publishes content relating to civic, race and equality, incarceration, and mental health challenges.”

Please preserve the hyperlinks in the story.

It’s important to note, not everything on is our original content or available for republishing. If a story is labeled “All Rights Reserved,” or sourced as such, ActionProject cannot grant permission to republish that item.

In many cases we don’t own the rights to the photos, cartoons and other artwork on our site, so we can’t grant permission for their re-use. If you have questions about specific images, contact the cited source for help.

Thank you.