Armed police teams have been scrapped!

It’s time to celebrate this people-powered win.

1News: ‘Cops scrap controversial armed response teams, say it does not ‘align’ with how New Zealanders want to be policed’

Yesterday Police Commissioner Andy Coster announced that armed response teams have been scrapped! This is a huge win for people-power, peace, and our communities.

This decision is the direct result of realising our collective power and working together to use it for good.

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Since the trial was announced nine months ago, together our community has;

➡️ Delivered a 10,000 strong petition to parliament opposing armed police in a powerful event that was broadcast on 1News.
➡️ Created a compelling piece of research that put Māori and Pasifika voices front and centre.
➡️ Launched the results ensuring they’d be seen, read, or heard by tens of thousands of New Zealanders in news stories.
➡️ Coordinated three powerful opinion pieces on why NZ needs to move away from the use of armed police.
➡️ Crowdfunded giant street posters by Māori Mermaid that show alternatives to armed policing are possible.

Yesterday’s decision is a direct result of people power. Share the great news of this moment now.

From our staff team at ActionStation, we want to give special thanks to our collaborators, allies, and friends in the campaign to end the use of armed police: Melissa Lama, Josiah Tualamali’i, Guled Mire, Julia Whaipooti, Tā Kim Workman, JustSpeak, Arms Down NZ, the Mental Health Foundation, and People Against Prisons Aotearoa.

Let’s take this moment to celebrate and reflect on what we have achieved by acting together. But this is just the beginning.

We have the power to imagine and articulate a world where we choose mental health-first responses over police with guns. What this decision has shown is that we also have the power to make it happen.

Right now let’s take this time to share the story of how effective we are when we work together. Then let’s keep working — today, tomorrow, and everyday that comes after — for a world of compassion and justice where everyone is safe and free.



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