Your Dose of Hope for August

Happy spring greetings to you all! I hope the sun is starting to shine in your part of the country this week.

August kicks into high gear with a new ActionStation team member and a strategy hui. The energy is buzzing as we get stuck into climate justice, local elections and whānau wellbeing. Watch your inbox, our Instagram and Facebook to find out how you can get involved.

Right now, get yourself inspired by these updates and opportunities from our wider ActionStation community.

🎉 Putting people first in public services 🎉

Since 2020, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has been running an impressive campaign calling for our public services to be genuinely inclusive and accessible to all.

Now their hard work is helping all of us. At the end of July, Parliament held a special debate on CAB’s petition hosted on OAS.

MPs across the political spectrum spoke in support of the call for inclusive public services. They agreed that the Government’s focus on delivering services online was shutting some people out, and that public services should be available in multiple ways. This includes providing services face-to-face and over the phone, not just online.

A huge shout out to CAB, its many volunteers and all of you who signed the petition. 🥳🥳🥳

Now pressure is needed to make sure the government chooses accessibility for everyone over a digital-first approach that excludes people. We’ll keep you updated on this important kaupapa.

🔍 Petition delivery puts NZs plastic exports in the spotlight 🔍

A petition calling on New Zealand to stop sending our plastic waste to developing countries was sent to Parliament in July. It was delivered in person by our ActionStation campaigner, Lydia Chai, and was supported by over 11,000 ActionStation members.

Lydia’s family lives in Malaysia, near to where our rubbish is being dumped and burned. This has caused a range of health and environmental problems, making this issue especially important for her.

MP’s Eugenie Sage (Green) and Scott Simpson (National) accepted the petition from the great group who came out to support the delivery in person.

Lydia’s petition delivery was featured in articles on Newstalk ZB, 1 News, Stuff online, Timaru Herald, Radio One and Breakfast. After Lydia’s interview on Breakfast, the Prime Minister was asked about the issue. You can see the 1 News article, including Lydia’s Breakfast interview here.

While this petition has been delivered, this campaign is still active and you can get updates by signing the petition.

🌱 Council sets up food waste composting 🌱

A recent community-led campaign in the Coromandel, diverting food waste from the landfill by setting up separate kerbside collection, has been successful!

Through a combination of a petition on OurActionStation and local organising, Thames Food Waste Group has got confirmation that from September 2023 the Thames-Coromandel District Council will introduce kerbside food waste collection. An audit of the kerbside rubbish bags collected in the Coromandel in 2021 found that a whooping 52% of the contents was food waste that could be composted.

The group says “This is the single most significant step to minimise food waste from going to landfill, and we got it through!!!”

The next step is to ensure the food waste is composted locally to keep the nutrients in the area and create more local jobs.

While this petition has been delivered, the campaign is still active and you can get updates by signing here.

You can start your own campaign on OurActionStation here.

💬Learn how to talk about the inclusive Aotearoa you want to see 💬

Through the hard work of communities, Te Tiriti educators, Māori advocates and many others, there have been significant strides toward an Aotearoa that honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi In recent years. At the same time, backlash is ramping up, and our online discourse is rife with disinformation, abuse, and outrage. So we need your help.

Tauiwi Tautoko is a charitable collective that confronts the backlash head-on. Born out of an ActionStation pilot project, Tauiwi Tautoko trains tauiwi (non-Māori) to actively tautoko (support) by challenging anti-Māori racism and advancing conversations around Te Tiriti justice, tino rangatiratanga, decolonisation and constitutional transformation, thereby taking on some of the burden of dismantling racism in Aotearoa.

We are incredibly excited to let you know that TT are now offering two versions of their well respected course, one for tauiwi pākehā and one for tauiwi of the global majority (BIPOC). While the broader community of Tangata Tiriti in Aotearoa are all connected in their commitment to this work, the course has to cater for the different experiences of racism we may have and that require differences in practice and learning .

The upcoming 7 week online course is starting on 15 October and is one for our tauiwi pākehā.

Learn all about it and how to register here.

👋 Welcoming our new team member 👋

We are delighted to introduce you to ActionStation’s new Campaigns Manager, Ella Grace M. Newton.

Ella Grace is a political organiser of Pākehā descent with roots in community organising for public housing and the trade union movement. She was the co-founder and editor of AUNTIES magazine, a publication about the political voices of women and gender minorities in Aotearoa, and brings creative skills to her campaigning work. She grew up in Palmy, and currently lives in Whangārei. We can’t wait to supercharge our mahi with Ella Grace alongside us!

📖🎨 A new platform for climate justice stories in Porirua 🎨📖

“Gliding on the Mirror” by Peter Kurdulija is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Climate justice is when we reduce emissions and restore our ecosystems that nourish us at the same time. In support of this, our climate justice campaigner, Pania, is launching an amazing opportunity to tell stories about Te Awarua o Porirua, the Porirua harbour. She has this to say about the upcoming new zine (small magazine).

“If you’re from Porirua, you know how much the harbour means to us. You will also know how much the harbour can stink at low tide or how we’re not supposed to swim at the beach when the wastewater treatment plant overflows after heavy rain.”

“I’m on the hunt for amazing pieces of writing, poetry, art, stories and photos all about our beautiful harbour — from anyone and everyone, of all ages and backgrounds. Anything you submit could make it into the zine. The only criteria are that your piece be about the harbour, be appropriate for all ages, and be no longer than 300 words.”

You can submit your pieces here, or contact us for more information.

Arohanui ki a koe, me tō whānau hoki,

Kassie, Madeleine, Ann, Pania, Aiko, Ruby, Nikky, Ella Grace, Indi, Ali and Max — your ActionStation team.

P.S. ActionStation exists because of the small donations from people who believe in a fair and flourishing Aotearoa. If you love seeing people-powered change, you can become a regular donor with us here.

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