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High Gains at Low Price: Best Cyber Monday SaaS Deals of 2021

Nov 29, 2021 · 8 min read

For any keen shopper, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the favorite days of the year. But even the most conscious and stingiest of consumers (them especially) can’t deny the enormous benefits these two shopping events provide. They give everyone a chance to take massive advantage of plentiful discounts, either big or small, and let an endless stream of special deals carry you away to the land of splendid buys.

This short period at the interchange of the seasons is a perfect time to grab something useful for yourself. And what’s more useful than a pair of software tools that can help your team and business thrive, showing better work results and exceptional performance efficiency? So, here’s our list of the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday SaaS offers you can find out there in 2021. Don’t miss an opportunity to purchase some excellent software products at an incredibly low price!

1. Time Tracking —actiTIME

Time tracking is the key to flawless time management and the first-rate recipe for high productivity. Luckily, with such a tool as actiTIME, you can master this essential practice without a hitch. Plus, actiTIME includes functionality for workload planning, task management and data reporting. These features make an extra value for anyone who wants to keep their team and work both perfectly organized and well-supervised.

Cyber Monday Deal: 30% off ALL actiTIME products and app upgrades
Duration: December 6 — December 8
Discount Code: CYBERSALE

2. Employee Leave Management — actiPLANS

Staff is the most important business asset. Thus, to ensure excellent performance and attain desired results, you have to take care of your employees. One of the best ways to do so is by managing their leave requests as accurately and efficiently as possible, and with actiPLANS — a smart absence management system — this task turns into a child’s play. The app enables users to send and approve time-off requests in a streamlined fashion. Besides, it provides managers with a thorough overview of team availability for enhanced workforce planning.

Cyber Monday Deal: 30% off ALL actiPLANS products and app upgrades
Duration: December 6 — December 8
Discount Code: CYBERSALE

3. Team Collaboration — Chanty

These days, most of us work remotely and don’t have that many chances to meet in person. However, collaboration remains a huge part of everyday professional reality. So, the value of such a handy team communication tool as Chanty is hard to overestimate. It is a quality chat app with task management and file sharing features. You can use Chanty to make audio and video calls, exchange voice messages and organize your work on the Kanban board. Overall, if you’re looking for a perfect alternative to Slack, it’s high time to give Chanty a try.

Black Friday Deal: 15% off the Monthly Plan, 50% discount for the Business Plan and non-profits
Duration: November 26 — December 5
Discount Code: Follow this link to acquire Chanty at a special price. No discount code required

4. Social Media Marketing — Social Champ

Modern people spend a significant portion of their day on social media. This gives businesses a chance to raise brand awareness and attract new customers at a minimal cost. To maximize the favorable effects of your social media campaigns, consider using Social Champ. The tool is created to help you streamline your social media presence, create and distribute engaging content without a hitch. Social Champ will rid you of the tedious posting routine and, instead, let you stay fully involved in running your business.

Black Friday Deal: 30% off the monthly plans and 50% off the annual plans for new users
Duration: November 18 — December 2
Discount Code: BFCM2021

5. SEO Management — SE Ranking

More quality website traffic means higher brand awareness and a larger influx of paying customers — and that’s what proper SEO management always results in. The good news: a tool for streamlined SEO works and higher marketing success does exist — SE Ranking. It is an all-in-one SEO platform that simplifies website audit, link analysis, SEO planning and many other activities you may be daily engaged in as a webmaster or marketing wizard.

Black Friday Deal: 25% off all annual subscription plans
Duration: November 22 — December 6
Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY2021

6. Video Making — Placeit

Videos are one of the most effective ways to convey information to your audience and, with Placeit, creating your own videos has never been so easy. It is a cloud-based video-making platform that lets you design beautiful visual messages of all kinds: from highly engaging Instagram stories to professional-looking product presentations. Placeit has a massive library of video templates and graphic elements that speed up the process of video creation and turn it into pure joy.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off the annual subscriptions and 10% off the monthly subscriptions
Duration: November 30
Discount Code: Visit this page to get your Placeit at the special price (no code required)

7. Email Marketing — EasySendy

Email marketing is the key to better customer engagement and higher revenues. And to manage your email marketing campaigns well — track their progress and evaluate success — you can utilize EasySendy. This tool is a real prize for every online gig creator (e.g., freelance writers, bloggers, etc.). It helps to plan email outreach, create messages in a matter of seconds, catch subscribers automatically and grow your email list with incredible ease.

Cyber Monday Deal: 50% off the annual subscription
Duration: November 30
Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY2021

8. Customer Relationship Management — WP-CRM System

No sales and marketing team can achieve desired results without an effective approach to customer relationship management (CRM). And if you want to handle it just right, WP-CRM System is your go-to product. This plugin integrates into your Word Press dashboard, making essential customer data more accessible. It seamlessly syncs with many of your favorite software tools, which gives a chance to complete all sorts of tasks without even leaving your website.

Black Friday Deal: 30% off the Plus, Enhances and Professional plans for the first year
Duration: November 23 — December 7
Discount Code: 30BLACKFRIDAY2021

9. Knowledge Management — Document360

Knowledge is a major source of business growth. Hence, you have to organize and deliver it across your team and customers in the most efficient way possible. That’s where Document360 comes in handy. This knowledge management solution gives you the means to create comprehensive databases, discussion boards, FAQ pages and all sorts of content for employees and customers alike. It’s truly useful during staff onboarding and training and it improves communication with clients to a large degree.

Cyber Monday Deal: 20% off all the annual plans
Duration: November 15 — December 3
Discount Code: BLACKFRIDAY2021

10. Task Outsourcing — Wing

If routine processes eat up too much of your time and prevent you from focusing on jobs that really matter, you can’t get away without a knowledgeable assistant. Luckily, with Wing, you don’t have to go far to find one for yourself. This app connects you to the right virtual assistants whatever your business needs are: data entry, sourcing, scheduling, expense tracking, etc. Your only task is to ask for help, Wing takes care of the rest! Forget about routine processes and dedicate your energy to everything important.

Black Friday Deal: $300 credit towards any plan ($100 per month)
Duration: November 25 — November 30
Discount Code: BF300

11. Project Management — nTask

Successful project management involves a lot of things: work planning, progress tracking, team collaboration and data analysis. Thanks to nTask, you can tackle each of these project management issues all at once within a single software platform. As a multifunctional tool, nTask contains such features as Gantt charts, Kanban board, scheduling and more — it’s all you need to drive team productivity and revenues in your business.

Cyber Monday Deal: Business or Premium annual plan for a flat fee of $29 per user
Duration: November 26 — November 29
Discount Code: BIG29SALE

12. Data Feed Optimization — DataFeedWatch

Optimized product feeds are key to impactful PPC campaigns and superior sales. But how to manage them in a way that brings success to your business? DataFeedWatch has the answer! As a smart product feed management solution, it helps to transform your data into meaningful shopping campaigns and grow your presence across a plethora of online channels. It gives you powerful analytics tools, built-in automation and a centralized approach to multichannel strategy management.

Black Friday Deal: Complimentary, fully-managed feed services after signing up
Duration: The deal is already up for grabs and valid till the end of the year
Discount Code: Click here to get the deal

13. Media Monitoring — Mediatoolkit

What can better help you drive improvement and launch successful products than listening to customer feedback? If you want your business to thrive on its strengths and get rid of the weaknesses, it’s always beneficial to know what people say about it. So, apply Mediatoolkit to track all the mentions about your brand across the web and then use this valuable knowledge to enhance customer engagement and promote positive brand perceptions.

Black Friday Deal: 30% off the Medium Business, Optimal and Enterprise plans for new clients
Duration: November 24 — November 30
Discount Code: You can subscribe to Mediatoolkit at a lower price here

14. Lead Management — Groupboss

Every Facebook group owner knows that running an online community in an efficient and profitable way is a tough challenge. However, this job becomes a breeze with an automation-based lead capture platform like Groupboss. This tool helps you collect vital lead information from Facebook and organize it for better audience engagement outcomes. It can be synced with versatile email marketing solutions and, thus, ensures a streamlined marketing workflow.

Black Friday Deal: 25% discount
Duration: November 29 — December 31
Discount Code: MONDAY25

15. Employee Monitoring — Apploye

Wanna stay aware of what your employees do throughout the day and which tasks they’re working on? Apploye grants the tools for doing just that! As a robust time management app, it includes many features for hour tracking and progress monitoring. Plus, it helps to see which website pages your team members go to during their working hours and which geolocations they’re at. You may also configure Apploye to take screenshots of employees’ workstations and then detect idle time with ease. In other words, if your business is suffering due to low productivity and you need to locate the roots of the problem, Apploye is a good solution to try.

Black Friday Deal: 25% discount on all licenses for the lifetime
Duration: November 20 — December 20
Discount Code: Cyber-Monday-25

16. Sales Outreach — SalesBlink

Effective planning and data management are two key ingredients in the recipe for a successful sales outreach campaign. And you can take advantage of them both with SalesBlink. This software makes it easy to visualize sales pipelines, search for prospects, handle customer information and track outreach campaign results. It is largely based on automation, has a user-friendly interface and supports integration with many handy software solutions.

Black Friday Deal: Lifetime deal starting from just $59
Duration: November 16 — December 30
Discount Code: Visit this page to get the deal


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