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How to Manage Emails and Boost Productivity (Tips + Tools)

Inculcate Healthy Practices for Efficient Inbox Management

1. Regulate your inbox

2. Cut down on email chains

3. Subscribe to only relevant material

4. Empty the trash

5. Go airplane mode on emails

Keep Your Inbox Organized

1. Never underestimate filters

2. Create a whitelist and blacklist

3. Act quickly to avoid piling on

Achieve Your Inbox Zero Goal Through Time Management

1. Be selective

2. Have a dedicated email time

3. Schedule and automate using email lists

4. Use templates

5. Blast emails

6. Always have your inbox in order

7. Track time spent on emails

Use Email Management Tools to Organize Your Emails

1. Mailbird for managing multiple accounts

2. Moosend for managing a mailing list

3. FollowUpThen for setting follow-up reminders

4. Maildrop for avoiding spam and junk emails

5. for mass unsubscription

6. Intradyn for archiving important emails

7. Sortd for better collaboration

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