Project Management Soft Skills Quiz

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Do you have what it takes to be a great project manager? Put your skills to the test with our quiz!

It is based on the general, people, and project management skills of competent project managers defined by Project Management Institute — a developer of a globally renowned PMBOK® Guide.

The quiz aims to assess project managers’ core competencies and soft skills:

  • Emotional awareness — Ability to make sense of feelings in yourself and others.
  • Optimism — Ability to maintain a positive mental attitude even in challenging situations.
  • Emotional self-control — Ability to keep your disturbing emotions in check.
  • Flexibility — Ability to quickly adapt to changes and deal with uncertainty.
  • Empathy — Ability to deeply understand others’ experiences and emotions.
  • Feedback management — Ability to maintain a constructive dialog with team members.
  • Team management — Ability to coordinate employees’ work in order to achieve the set objectives and goals.
  • Work management — Ability to establish effective work processes and promote progress.
  • Leadership — Ability to motivate and guide employees.
  • Conflict management — Ability to resolve interpersonal conflicts and establish productive relationships at the workplace.

Ready to find out if you are a good project manager? Qlick here to take the quiz!




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