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The Basics of Efficient Communication at Work

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Skill and Practice

Establishing a culture of efficient workplace communication takes knowing the basics.

Effective Communication Requires Technique

It takes time to build on your communication skills. The first is to acknowledge the need to be transparent, self-aware, and empathic during your conversations. A conversation should follow the foundation you’ve set naturally as your recipient more than likely will mirror your communication.

Utilize a Strategy to Improve Workplace Communication

When we say strategy, we’re speaking in terms of utilizing tools to aid in the improvement of workplace communication.

1. Social intranet software

You need social intranet software. This will cover the issues of communication barriers. Social intranet software creates a portal for everyone to access all relevant information.

2. Discussion boards

Some social intranet software already has built-in discussion boards, nevertheless, it is still an important tool. Slack encourages employees to engage in discussion.

3. Digital workflow platforms / collaboration tools

Digital workflow platforms or collaboration tools are an absolute must. Having a platform that eliminates noise is what will help also eliminate communication barriers and ease communication. An online platform for task management, scheduling, projects, and so on integrated into your company’s workflow is a must.

Effective Communication at Work Inherits Skill and Strategy

A strategy is what secures success in creating a company with effective communication.

Secure Your Company’s Success

If you and your team are seeking a digital workflow platform or need to transition to one more productive and unique to your needs, actiTIME is the platform. We are an all-in-one dashboard that provides companies, like yours, solutions. We’ve helped thousands of companies with their communication at work by optimizing their workflows and we want to help you today.



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