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The Best Vendor Management Software of 2021

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Every business has dealings with vendors. And when you’re handling vendor agreements, bills, costs, and briefings, vendor management software (VMS) can help ease up the workload.

VMS is designed to give you better control over vendor’s performance, contracts ad risks. It can benefit any business that works with vendors, especially logistic firms, building experts, and manufacturing firms. So, be sure to explore the best vendor management software reviewed in this post to select a perfect solution for your company.

1. SAP Fieldglass

SAP Fieldglass is a top-of-the-line VMS. It has some unique and unmatched features, which include strong collaboration and highly advanced process computerization.


  • Fast and outstanding customer service and platform provider
  • Robust amalgamation list
  • New vendors can be hired using its network of digital partners


  • Wide range of features that can be complex for start-up businesses
  • An expensive subscription model

SAP Fieldglass provides some of the best vendor administration features with inclusive end-to-end solutions, which is why it is ranked top in our list. With SAP Fieldglass, every aspect of vendor management can be managed directly, from agreement to contract administration and progress monitoring. Besides, the software provider runs 24/7 customer service that can be availed through online platforms, chats or calls.

2. Genuity

This tool is designed for IT professionals and businesses to help them manage vendor relationships. It offers a wide range of features at an affordable range.


  • Offer exclusive tools suitable for IT
  • Affordable price ranges based on preference
  • Unlimited uses for one flat fee
  • Easy Integration


  • The features are limited compared to other software
  • Not suitable for non-IT firms

At just $29.99 a month, Genuity is the most reasonable VMS out there that comes with a flat fee with limitless users. It is based in Chicago, Illinois and designed by IT professionals. It has been consistently increasing its ratings on autonomous sites like G2, Genuity.

3. Gatekeeper

With smooth and hassle-free implementation, unlimited user seats, and enterprise-level security, Gatekeeper is the perfect choice for large companies dealing with multiple vendors every day.


  • It is an entirely cloud-based management software
  • It can be integrated with more than two hundred and twenty third-party platforms
  • Generous discounts are available for eligible businesses


  • All plans come with an annual subscription
  • Company-level plans can be costly

Gatekeeper allows you to seamlessly track all your vendors, be it 20 contacts or 200. Businesses can submit their request for new vendors, automate onboarding, and save both money and time in the process.

GateKeeper is relatively straightforward to use and comes with effective training solutions. New customers are connected with the customer manager, who then guides them on the features and uses. The essential feature package can be availed at $775 per month.

4. Precoro

Precoro is yet another affordable VMS for small and mid-level firms and comes with exciting features.


  • Customized pricing option for businesses with less than 20 users
  • Access to all product updates for a lifetime
  • Easy to set up and steer
  • It is resourceful for companies from any industry


  • No option for paying the vendor through the software itself
  • Does not offer the obedience administration feature

Precoro is one of the most suitable management software for new and innovative firms. It offers the most cost-effective solution to businesses, so they can gain many VMS benefits even when running on a tight budget.

According to Capterra reviews, Precoro is one of the most accessible platforms for vendor management and provides the highest customer service level.

5. Beeline

Beeline comes with a 100% success rate of vendor collaboration, and you can effectively link it with any solution for security management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), or eProcurement.


  • It can be easily integrated with any platform presently in use by the business
  • Variety of features for recruitment, procurement, merchant management, etc.
  • Option of finding and hiring talent directly from Beeline
  • It can be easily used anywhere and anytime through its mobile app


  • It is a bit complicated to set up and use
  • No information on pricing is available online

Beeline is highly recommended for businesses looking for a platform easily connected with any existing ERP tools.

Since Beeline doesn’t have any price listing available online, customers have to get in touch with the support team to get a quote.

6. Onspring

Onspring can be a great option for first-time users who are adopting or integrating VMS into their systems. It helps simplify integration operations without making the process complex.


  • In-depth client support and training provided
  • Used by some of the biggest and renowned companies
  • Drag-and-drop interface for highest-level convenience
  • Implementation becomes easier with no code development


  • Limited options and tools for some users
  • No direct payment to vendors

One of the best features of Onspring is its no-code development. Businesses can use drag-and-drop dashboards and workflows or design an app from scratch without IT support.

7. Prokuria

Prokuria is easy to use and fast to get your hands around. It helps streamline multiple business processes while providing cost-effective procurement resolutions with quicker and well-organized compliant supplier management.


  • Supportive and competent platform
  • Affordable price range
  • Can be integrated with many third-party solutions


  • No option for the supplier upload list
  • Limited features compared to other software

8. Bright Source by Deposco

Bright Source is a cloud-based VMS that comes with sourcing and inventory management features.


  • Saves money and time for a business
  • Helps in generating replenishment orders
  • Its architecture offers integration needs and points


  • External catalogs do not offer punch-out procurement

9. SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is a multi-dimensional supply procurement and chain collaboration solution suitable for medium and large-sized enterprises. This software is supported in Linus, Windows, and Mac platforms, and is typically ideal for industries like defense, manufacturing, state or local government, and automotive.


  • Comes with an API extension to enable the source to pay
  • Can manage ethical sourcing of third-party add-ons


  • Strategic sourcing is only available on the iOS mobile app
  • Custom implementation features are not allowed to the network

Bonus Tool: actiTIME

actiTIME is a time management software that helps you monitor team performance, project money, and time. Users can actively assess and keep track of project progress while keeping task deadlines and estimates in mind. actiTIME automates repetitive tasks, such as billing, overtime tracking, and more.


  • Detailed and customizable reports in real-time
  • User-friendly interface
  • Automatic and manual time tracking features
  • Simple to integrate into your current workflow
  • Mobile app is available
  • Free online trial

For more information on how to start tracking vendors’ performance with actiTIME, be sure to check out this post.




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