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The Importance of Feedback in Project Management

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What is Feedback?

Why is Feedback Important?

1. Feedback promotes a sense of self-efficacy

2. Feedback prevents multiple project risks

3. Feedback helps to establish a favorable workplace culture

4. Feedback boosts employee motivation and engagement

5. Feedback fosters positive change. Fast

10 Keys to Providing Effective Feedback

1. Set clear, measurable and realistic goals for your team members

2. Make use of evidence, such as time tracking data

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they want to see in their timesheets

3. Focus on performance and behaviors rather than personal qualities

4. Be careful with your word choice and non-verbal language

5. Make the Feedback Sandwich

6. Schedule a meeting

7. Let your team members ask questions and share what they think

8. Give specific recommendations

9. Take notes and send a follow-up email

10. Offer ongoing support and mentorship




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